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About Big 4 SSA


In order to provide a comprehensive program for students with disabilities, the state of Texas has made provisions for smaller districts to form cooperative programs (SSA-Shared Service Arrangements).  The Big 4 Shared Service Arrangements or Big 4 SSA, in operation since 1973, is composed of Archer City, Newcastle, Olney, Seymour, Throckmorton, Windthorst and Woodson Independent School Districts.  The management board is composed of the Superintendents of each district.


Students who have academic, emotional or physical problems may be referred to the program by their principal, teacher, counselor, parent or self.  After the parent is notified of the referral, information is gathered to assist the referring person in determining what services may be needed.

When special needs are indicated, parent contact is made.  Further testing is administered by the Big 4 SSA support team and the results are reviewed by the ARD committee.



This committee is composed of the building principal, Big 4 SSA support staff, general education teachers, special education teacher, parents, students (when appropriate) and other professionals to review student’s records.  If the student qualifies as a student with disabilities, this committee will determine proper placement and/or other services needed.

Parents are notified when the ARD meetings will be held and are urged to attend and participate in the decision making.


Big 4 SSA provides a continuum of services from inclusion, resource, self contained, severe or mild moderate.